About us


The company’s Mission is to become Leader in Sugar Industry. The company will involve in Contract Farming for Large-Scale Lands. In addition, the company is expanding its command over Agriculture and Food Processing Sector. In coming years, the company will expand its horizons to EPC contracts and other sectors as well. The company is willing to seize each and every opportunity.


To become leading commercially viable medium size company in Tanzania that produces and trades in high quality agricultural products for domestic and export markets.

Our Products


Purandare Industries Pvt Ltd. intends to build a brown Sugar Factory. The major product produced at the factory will be brown sugar of 1300 – 1600 ICUMSA. The sugar will be sweeter compared to raw plantation sugar. It is expected that the sugar will be consumed more in rural setting where sweetness is the desired quality rather than the color.


The factory will also produce briquettes from excess bagasse and sugarcane trash. The briquettes will be ideal products for industrial energy as well as domestic energy replacing charcoal. Purandare Industries Private Limited (PIPL) is promoted by Mr. Satish Purandare. PIPL is first choice preference compared to its competitors as it comes to the market with a Concept to Commissioning strategy, the first of its kind in Tanzania and Africa, where PIPL gets involved in the following stages of the Sugarcane value chain.


Purandare Industries Pvt Ltd., distinguishes itself from the well-established sugar manufacturer by better understanding the need for its customers. Other sugar manufacturing companies in the country market their raw plantation sugar through various distribution channels.With regard to product, Purandare Industries Pvt Ltd., will be producing brown sugar as opposed to raw plantation sugar.This sugar is mostly preferred by the consumers because its sugar content is high when compared to the raw plantation sugar. Merchants, Whole sellers and retailers will actively be involved in the selling of the company’s sugar.


Purandare Industries Private Limited.

This end-to-end solution provided by PIPL ensures delivery of projects on time, risk management and efficient running of operations.

  • Advisory on all stages of the Sugarcane lifecycle
  • Contract manufacturing of Sugarcane in own land
  • Contract manufacturing of Sugarcane through Out-growers
  • Commissioning and Operation management of Sugar Mills

PIPL has experience and expertise in the domain of turnkey contracts for Sugar Industry, particularly from land preparation, plantation, harvesting and transportation of sugar cane, and manufacturing of Sugar.

PIPL Businesses

In Africa, PIPL is the only player who came up with the concept from Land preparation to ready cane at mill.

The Government of Ghana has also shown interest to PIPL for setting up a 3500 TCD sugar factory expandable to 4000 TCD. Investors from Rwanda, Burundi, Gambia, Sierraare also in touch with PIPL for the same project.


OverSeas Project

Dabalo Village, Tanzania:

The proposed Brown Sugar industry will be located in Dabalo village of Chamwino district. The plant’s capacity of 20,000 tons of crushing in the first year, 25,000 MT in the second year up to over 40,500ton in the subsequent years. The initial man working days in the first year are expected to be 200 days which will go up to 270 days in the succeeding years. Purandare Industries Pvt Ltd. will be working closely with the out growers who will be paid by the factory, production cost is expected to be low.