Purandare Industries Pvt Ltd. intends to build a brown Sugar Factory. The major product produced at the factory will be brown sugar of 1300 – 1600 ICUMSA. The sugar will be sweeter compared to raw plantation sugar. It is expected that the sugar will be consumed more in rural setting where sweetness is the desired quality rather than the color.The sugar will be packaged in ½ kilo and 1 kilo packets.


The factory will introduce green harvesting as opposed to cane burning before harvesting thus making the factory not only environmental friendly but also added scope of new byproducts. The factory will also produce briquettes from excess bagasse and sugarcane trash. The briquettes will be ideal products for industrial energy as well as domestic energy replacing charcoal.


The company Imports and Exports the Raw Cashew Nut. The company is selling the Processed Cashew Nuts to Local distributors in India. For more details, please contact us on the given email id or Give us a Call.


PIPL sells the agricultural Machineries like Power Tiller, Harvester, Cane Loaders etc. In recent years PIPL has sold the Napsack pumps and sprayers in huge quantity. For more details, please contact us on the given email id or Give us a Call.


Main benefit of this investment is to provide a near home market for both the out growers and the factory. There will be a huge saving on the transport cost. Farmers who could not afford to grow and transport their cane will now have a ready market.Other benefits are to create employment to youth who reside in the surrounding areas. Besides creation of employment, infrastructure of the neighboring villages will be improved by construction of roads for evacuation of cane. Face lift of social amenities like schools, hospitals etc. will result. Other benefits are to get sugar supply at a reasonable price, increased revenue in the agriculture sector, increase in the country’s GDP and Increase in government revenues in terms of Taxes. Quality of life will improve in the area due to increased income and hence poverty reduction of the community in the villages.

PIPL gets involved in the following stages of the Sugarcane value chain:

  • Advisory on all stages of the Sugarcane lifecycle.
  • Contract manufacturing of Sugarcane in own land.
  • Contract manufacturing of Sugarcane through Out-growers.
  • Project planning, preparation and construction of Sugar Mills
  • Commissioning and Operation management of Sugar Mills